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Instructions for Posters

Posters must have size A0 (the size of 120 cm height x 90 cm large cannot be exceeded) and be written in English.

A poster should be self-explanatory and give the essentials of your work. Do not overload it with findings or text. Keep sentences short and pithy. Arrows or numbers should indicate the order of the panels.

A poster should be readable from a distance of one meter .

In the preparation of a poster, please:

• keep the content to a minimum

• avoid the use of a large amount of text

• use large lettering, structures, tables, etc.

• use colour to highlight important points

• be careful that the background does not detract from legibility


Instructions for Orals

Papers were selected by the Scientific Committee to be presented as oral presentations.

Please consider that numerous colleagues from non-Iberian region will also be at the congress and that English should be used in the presentations.

PowerPoint presentations on USB Mass Storage Device are preferred. Speakers must hand in their USB presentation to the organizers at the congress venue.

When preparing your Oral, please:

• keep the amount of information on each slide to a minimum

• make the text, structures, and tables, etc. of a size such that they can be easily viewed from the rear of a large lecture hall

• choose colours, especially in PowerPoint slides, that are bold and do not clash

• choose backgrounds that do not reduce legibility through poor contrast



Posters & Orals Instructions

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